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Paver Sealing in Knoxville, TN is something Ready Clean specializes in! Outdoor spaces are where most residents of Knoxville love to spend their at there homes. Whether it be Fall football games and watching our beloved Tennessee VOLS to spending time be the pool in the summer. The investment of time and money we put into our outdoor spaces is significant, so why not let Ready Clean keep it pristine for years to come?

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What’s more frustrating than ants and subterranean insects sharing our outdoor spaces with us? They cause painful bites, and they are always trying to get seconds on those delicious outdoor BBQ meals! At Ready Clean we are prepared to help with these problems. Our paving sanding and sealing solutions leave the joints of you surfaces stabilized and hardened, thus eliminating the ability of these critters to live in those areas.

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Is there anything you would rather do in your free time than pulling those frustrating weeds that pop up between every crack of you pavers or stone work? We thought you could find a few things, that’s why our team of sealing experts at Ready Clean are here to help! Whether you want a sealed surface or are leaving plan to leave it natural we us the highest quality joint sands to help fend off these frustrating growths! When combined with industry leading technicians our sealing process is sure to give you a weed free space for years to come!

Of course one of the most popular reasons for paver sealing it the way it looks. Ready Clean has a diverse product portfolio that allows us to give each client the exact look they desire. Our experienced paver technicians can give homeowners anything from natural to wet looks while enhancing the color of the pavers at the same time. While they are working hard to provide these visual results, our sealers also penetrate and protect from a vast array of environmental and human caused spills and stains!

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If you are looking for Paver Sealing in Knoxville, TN look no further than Ready Clean! Our staff of technicians is ready to assist with this project today, each team member is extensively trained on how not only to seal your surfaces but also on ensuring you have the proper base and sand to make sure they last for years to come. We proudly use the highest quality products that not only give you the desired look but last years longer than cheaper inferior brands. Before the final seal we always clean and resand your surface to make sure the joints are averse to wash and erosion all while making sure the surface is clean. If you want your hardscapes cleaned and sealed the right way make sure to use Ready Clean.

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Using high pressure and detergents we effectively clean and remove any foreign contaminants.

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Allow the sand to dry and settle and make sure proper depth is achieved.

Apply high quality sealer by trained technicians.

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Frequently Asked Paver Sealing Questions

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Pavers and hard surfaces are from Effloresence, this is caused from moisture being trapped in the surface. Ready Clean uses the proper detergents to remove this before each sealing project.
Sealing helps protect your surfaces from moisture, and various stains from vehicles, animals, and human accidents. Plus it looks great!

We recommend 48hrs, but using a high quality sealer like ours allows you to lightly use the surface after 24hrs.

Typically 60-90 days depending on the conditions. The main reason is to allow effloresence to work its way to the surface before cleaning them off. The more moisture you have in your area the faster this will happen.

Ready Clean does its best to keep dirt and sealer over spray to a minimum. We use special equipment that minimizes this for the most part. When working the edges of your pool we hand roll a small portion to help this potential over spray. While you can expect a small amount to get into the pool we do our best to eliminate this. rest assure this small amount of dirt and over spray will not harm your pool equipment in any way.

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